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Rich products are sold in more than 22 countries around the world. All Indian territory, other Arab countries, Africa in addition to some European countries. We have trained personals to handle all export activities with very good knowledge and skills.We provide best Logistics service to our world wide customers.
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Today we can say it with a sense of pride that this is indeed a company of all you customers and we are thankful to all our clients, shareholders, employees, distributors and advisers for placing itoli where it stands today. We will continue to serve you with our complete dedication.

Export Packing Details


Tile Size 600x600 mm 800x800 mm

Weight  Per Box (Approx)

27 / KGS 40.00 /KGS
Tile Thickness   (Approx) 8.7 MM  9.5 MM 

No. of Tiles Per Box

4 3
Sq.Mts / box  Per Box 1.44 1.92
No. of box Per Pallet 40 32

No. of Pallets per Container

25 20

No. of Boxes per Container

1000 0

Total Sq. Mtrs Per Container

1440.00 1228.80